What A Massive upgrade from Fulani Herdsmen

You will be wondering that what is this all about, Fulani herdsmen upgrade every blessed day.

Let take a look at it, in early 90s to year 2000 Fulani herdsmen move with rode in their hand and also move with their cow peacefully but 2005 up to 2013 they actually upgrade or change to matchet.

Are they actually operating with CHANGE TOO? 

This Fulani herdsmen are now tough and work with guns in their hands,they kills as they like, they bounce on any farmland with their cows to graze without permission which is now getting out of control.

But the question now is? Are they really Fulani or boko harram in disguise, because they don’t have any human feelings or they’re not from this planet? Join this conversation and let see what you got!

Published by Olamilekan Oriyomi

Olamilekan Oriyomi is Mass Communication undergraduate, an Entertainment, Politics and News writer. He's also a Die hard Arsenal FC fan.

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