The July 10th OAU Massacre, 20 Years After – A MUST READ

Live on George Iwilade (Afrika). It’s sad that the general population who are getting a charge out of harmony today don’t have the foggiest idea about the blood penance that was utilized to pay for it.

July 10 isn’t one of those days to overlook effectively nor is it one we’ll get a kick out of the chance to recall yet for the persistent rule of harmony, we regularly should be reminded the value that was paid for it.

Current OAU understudies who can stroll around the school at whenever of the day/night without provocation from cultists don’t realize what cost was paid.

I at some point back talked with certain understudies about the July tenth slaughter however a large portion of them are either uninformed about it, faked numbness or demonstrated next to zero concern.

I can’t recall an all the more contacting story that has helped structure harmony in Nigerian establishments.

This opportunity isn’t delighted in the vast majority of the Nigerian foundations and there’s been no Messiah (Afrika) to support the understudies.

The genuine meaning of courage is the point at which one faces battle a decent aim.

George was a secretary general of the SUG and he for sure spoke to the general population not at all like what we have in different foundations today.

It is an intense supplication that one day the culprits of this terrible wrongdoing will be brought to equity.


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