Don you want to look young and livelonger without having to go under the knife?

There is actually a way to do it without undergoing a surgery or use any pill, All you need to do is to have SEX mate or vice versa.

According to Dr. Nicholas Sieveking, A board certified plastic surgeon and functional medicine specialist, made us realized that the more SEX we have, the better we look and feel, the longer we may live.

Weknew how SEX benefits our loving relationship, because if the love between couple is 60% deep, in such relationship SEX should possess at least 30% in other for both party to live longer and stay healthy.

In other to prove that SEX is beneficial to human health, here are some terms to consider.

SEX is Natural mood Gyration

Psychologically, those who have SEX on daily basis, experience less depression says licensed marriage and SEX therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk.

These individual generally will be satisfied with their lives overall and will feel more bond with each other as a result of SEXUAL intimacy. So afterglow of SEX.

Its usually impossible for someone to focus on distracting thought and worries.

SEX is actually a natural stress quencher (cool Rapidly)

Some says that the best cure for stress is sex! Yes, because the relaxation that follows sex is on the few times couple allow themselves to completely relax and forget thier stress and worries for the day.

SEX is a natural immune booster

According to Van Kirk’s, orgams increase blood floor on the body,and as fresh blood supply arrive, your cell, organs and muscles are well equipped and saturated with fresh oxygen you breath in after sex boost immunoglobin A and DHEA in immune system.

SEX is a natural suppressant and it’s actually a body turner

Sex also regulate metabolism and cub your appetite, it eases food craving ad regulate appetite for instance,if you have sex in the morning or before dinner ,you may feel like eating less food or find your self satisfied with a food at a particular intravel.

So it also better to have sex rather than going for going for gym because the deep breath the muscle contract and sex position can straighten your body.

SEX boost brain cells

The most important aspect of sex is that it’s boost brain cells after mating, scientist notices that after sex, the number of newly generated neurons in the hippo campus where long term memories are made increased.

So the more you we have sex the more your sleep quality enhance and it reduces the risk of dementia disease and stroke which is the maintance of adequate level of hormones.

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