Shocking! Man raped 89-year-old Grandma

Karma has come up short on a 71-year-elderly man, Yap Chaiphak, after he was captured by the police in Southern Thailand subsequent to admitting to have raped 89-year-old neighbor.


In any case, before the police arrived, some proportion of “equity” had just been given to Chaiphak.


A granddaughter of the person in question, just recognized as Naphawan, avowed that she whacked Yap four or multiple times with a floor brush handle for not being contrite of his dishonorable demonstration.

“I admit I lost my temper,” she said.

“Society is not safe anymore – for a neighbour to do this to my gran is just terrible”.

The victim, identified simply as Mia, was raped while out on a raised platform outside her house in the village of Ban Na, on Monday.

The suspect has been admitted and taken to hospital to treat a broken arm and damaged ribs which he got from the beating meted out to him.



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