The Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), Nigeria’s agency in charge of Election matters, has extended the time for Voters’ registration to August 31st.

This means those who wish to partake in the voting exercise have an additional 14days from August 17th (the previous date of closure of voters’ registration).

This announcement was made via a press statement released on Tuesday.

As the days drew near to the date of closure, many registration centres were flooded with over 500 people as early as 7am each day with less than 1/3 of them getting registered per day.

The Voters’ registration which started since April 2017 has seen over 12 million persons registered. This is a spec in the dust and many Nigerians have decried few registration centres and fewer INEC personnel available at the centres as the reasons for the slow paced registration exercise.

The extension is aimed at giving more people of eligible voting age, the opportunity to get registered having not done so before now.


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