Nigeria the Giant of Africa
Nigerian flag

Nigeria, Giants of Africa to be precise a country which is full of succeeded people, a country which contains many tribe but less unity.

Nigeria became a British protectorate in 1901, Colonization lasted until 1960 when an independence movement succeeded in gaining nigerian it Autonomy. We became a republican in 1963, but yield to military rule three year later after a bloody coup d’etat.

Why are we Really called Giant of Africa?
Other country called nigeria giant of Africa for Three possible reasons.

The first Reason for Nigeria to called giant of Africa is population. 

Current estimation or analysis of 2017/2018 shows that Africans generally is 1.27bn and Nigeria population is 195m. The ratio of 1.27bn Africans and 195m people in Nigeria shows that, Roughly 1 in 6 Africans is Nigeria.

The second possiblity is wealth

A population of 195m with hard labour, exceptional agriculture, unbridled drive to success and strong agender which shows that nigeria was an economic super power.

In early 70s to 80s, the currency of Nigeria was much stronger that the US dollars at an average of #0.65kobo to #0.90kobo for 1US dollars. But things went down from 1986. In 1986 the foreign exchange rate declined to over #2 to 1 dollar, in 1987 it doubled and further become #4 to 1 dollar.

Nigeria never relent because of the handwork of the people in the country and made their money in crude oil which made nigeria very rich and we were able to build a strong infrastructure such as Universities, telecommunication, television, Arts, Music, literary work, national airline (Nigeria Airway) which was the best in Africa.

This same country which is full of crude oil made other country to be a beneficiary in terms of food aid to famine ridden country. Resolution of internal conflict and Awards scholarship to Africans.

Butthe people are full of propaganda and corruption which brought Nigeria to it knees which prompt nigeria to seek for help in other country, What a great loss.

The last possible Reasons is political tactics.
This is tied to second reason as d wealth which made it possible for Nigeria to extent political tactics in the world and the UN, particularly fighting for other Africans to gain their independent through the (OAU) now called (AU). This made nigeria to partake actively with the Pan Africanism movement that swept across the continent.

What further give Nigeria this name (Giant of Africa) was that we are also very directly active in campaign for the proscription of racism and apartheid in South Africa.

But despite Nigeria campaign of racism and apartheid in South Africa for their independent, most Nigeria Residing in South Africa are always killed every blessed year simply because nigeria are full of talented people which mostly found in South Africa various working place which is uncalled for.

According to Analysis and Estimation which shows that the number of Nigerians Residing in South Africa is about 800,000 people in which the majority of them are young people, while the record shows that no fewer than 117 Nigeria have been murdered in South Africa as at 2016.


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