My Imagination (Final Episode)


The following day, she πŸ“² called me early in the morning πŸŒ„ to tell me that she’s already at the pack and her sister lived in Eleyele which made it easier for her to get to my place within 10 to 20 minute so I wish her a save trip and end the call.

So i kept on calling her now and then to know her movement before 1 o’clock she has already got to her sisters house 🏠 she wanted to come to my place immediately but I persuade her to keep calm to see each other next day.

Next day been Saturday, she πŸ“² called me around 11am saying that her sister has gone πŸ’© to shop πŸ’ˆso I invite her over to my place and text the address. She gets to my place with excitement but i wasn’t feeling too well, my body is not comfortable with kejis idea πŸ’‘ from the start but I can’t help it i love ❀️ keji All herπŸ’‘ idea is always perfect but this one doesn’t get through my vain.

Ajoke sit on my bed I asked her what she will like πŸ’— to 🍽 eat you know as usual “Anything”, I told her all we have so she can choose out of it she finally chose 🍳 egg and bread 🍞 oh that’s not an issue for me I know how to cook very well.

How do I even know how to cook definitely I’ll because I cook for the entire house 🏚 for almost 2 year before I gained admission 🎫 so that’s me within 15 minute the Food was ready so I place it on dinning table for her I called her out to eat, she sat and I offered her juice.

I like her because she feel at home 🏠 so I started asking her questions in which she answer βœ… with her romantic voice at that moment I begun to change my thought on her moreover this is what I want “ROMANTIC” well my real girl doesn’t possess this I actually didn’t make my final decision on her, before I know it she has moved to my side 😏 should I say that she started πŸ’‹ kissing me or I was the one that pull the trigger but we started somehow that’s all I know.

She ask me how do I want it my reply was “just give me anyhow” because have never had such experience in my life, so far if have add one I would have add it to my Cv lol πŸ˜‚ but the question i’m asking myself was how come did this girl have the style and all that but just let us forget that for now because i’m having unforgettable experience of my life.

My d**k is fully hard she sat on my lap i feel her hand πŸ™ going deep down to my d**k normally my trousers πŸ‘– doesn’t have bet so her hand penetrate I feel her moisture hand, my thing surrender to her as I was looking at the situation she is totally wet and want my d**k inside her badly. that was when my brain send a message to my hand that it need to work as well my hand know the important of the message πŸ’¬ so I placed her on the dining table i’m scared, but I summon courage my hand finally go straight to her pu**y I don’t know my left hand is also good at this and my right hand grabbed her b**b.

Oh sorry πŸ™‡ I forget to tell you that she possess an attractive boob for like 30 minute we’re still on this I begin to off her top and skirt I can really smell perfume on her pant even the smell make me high, in short she’s totally naked and that’s the first time β™ŽοΈ am seeing a real nakedness Waw she has an amazing body i’m in a battle field in which I must πŸ† win.

she wanted to help me with my cloth πŸ‘• but I help myself we both look 🐾 at ourselves I can feel her πŸ’ž beat she see my d**k and said “waw you have everything even big d**k” 😳😳😳 oh my word I say to myself my babe is missing so I continue kissing πŸ’‹ her, eventually inserted my d**k into her pussy she moan like she was in pain but I can see that she actually enjoying the service i’m rendering to her i actually lasted for an hour βŒ›οΈ before I could cum after.

I went to the kitchen for water πŸ’§ am feeling that I’m on top of the world 🌏 because I’m actually a hero she said “you’re indeed a man” after 10 minute of break she took position and started riding me badly.

Suddenly I started feeling somehow I told her “please πŸ™ can you spare me a minute” she said no that she’s already in cloud 🌫 9 she cum that will be d first time β™ŽοΈ am seeing a girls cum eventually I started vomiting Iitter the ground with my vomit she was so scared 😱 she can’t touch me i’m feeling sick badly why!.

Why is this happening she quickly wear are dress πŸ‘— I manage to stand up I could even talk but I manage to get to kitchen I drank water πŸ’§ before I know it she has left.

Imagine i’m at the point of death and she ran away πŸƒ if my glass actually broke it my own problem I dress up I sat down for like 20 minute before my body come to normal i couldn’t figure out what is happening well Google actually helped my situation I typed and search πŸ”Ž that is when I realized that if you have sex to some extent you will surely vomit 🀒 and be feeling dizzy.

God actually save me because some died as a result of this.

Hey bro sister said you should come home 🏠 immediately so actually this is not real, its just an imagination.

Caution 🚧 : To much of everything’s could be Dangerous πŸ”΄ be careful.

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My Imagination (Episode 2)

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