My Imagination (Episode 2)


Me and my girlfriend do talk everyday I didn’t tell her anything untill she told me she’ll come home 🏠 at weekend. The day comes me and my girlfriend met I embrace her and play ▢️ with her romantically but she didn’t return it.

She just want to see my face as she said but my mind is above that so I tell him that there is an important thing I will like πŸ’— to discuss with her. She listened I asked him question of sharing our Relationship status to third party she denied but I wasn’t freaked because I have Evidence with me.

Oh πŸ™€ I didn’t tell you that I study mass communication πŸ“­ in a renamed polytechnic so I don’t talk πŸ’¬ without giving Evidence so I showπŸ“Ί her the conversation she was amazed she frowned she started talking in Anger 😠 she want to call πŸ“² her immediately but I stopped her to control her anger, After some time β™ŽοΈ she came up with one idealπŸ’‘ “hmm πŸ”ž okay Let accept that i can’t offer you S*x but Ajoke can do it now” I looked at her as if she didn’t even Exist because of her awkward πŸ’‘and silly idea i told her that she can’t be serious, that was when I know that she’s more serious with her πŸ’‘ idea she took my phone immediately to text Ajoke that I will be her boyfriend after she sent her the text she came to me that about the romantic part she said she will adapt to it but I mustn’t stock to the game in which I promise her.

Immediately we got stocked we deeply πŸ’‹ kiss I was even wondering may be i’m πŸ’‹ kissing another person but it her is keji i’m actually kissing πŸ’‹ we move from being standing to bed πŸ›Œ immediately my d**k Rise πŸ’Ή like inflation I started my romantic touch I kiss πŸ’‹ her from head πŸ’€ to toe I don’t know when my hand reach to down πŸ”½ of her “V” I started fingering her which she enjoy her hormones are fully set even My d**k are full set and ready to Attack πŸ‘Š I’m excited πŸ’– that finally πŸ’” break the record of five πŸ•  year of S*x free πŸ†“.

Suddenly she β›” stopped and said No s*x she didn’t even consider πŸ€” my rising body but she doesn’t care πŸ’… I just need to get rid of it. I 🍳cooked for her she ate we ▢️ play for a while before she took her leave I gave her tfare see her off and she left.

However, in the evening I got a message πŸ’¬ from Ajoke saying thank you I don’t even think πŸ’­ of you accepting me but I told her that I just need to think πŸ’­ over and over again and consider it. We started our unfinished conversation I keep keji updated but Ajoke said I shouldn’t tell keji about it which I accept.

Ajoke always told me that she heard about me from some ND2 student how brilliant i i’m but always told her that I’M πŸ“΅ NOTHING BUT πŸ—‘ TRASH. She cautioned 🚧 me not to mention that to her πŸ‘‚ ears again but what I really need made me keep pampering her so did I need is S*X we get Along she has started calling me dear, honey, OKO MI All sort of names πŸ“› but I keep ▢️ playing along according to plan.

Ajoke reside in Lagos but 🚸 schooling in the state polytechnic as I said earlier but she always tell me that one of her sister reside in ibadan so because of me she will come down πŸ”½ to ibadan for a week vacation πŸŽ„ when work πŸ’Ό still going in school 🚸 I informed keji about her coming the most funniest part is that she said “I’M HAPPY FOR YOU” 😦 what! Happy for me why ❓ she said Five years s*x free πŸ†“ will End πŸ”” soon I be like slapping her from phone but it not possible.

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