My Campaign will be fund with my personal income not from Government money- Buhari


The Nigeria President Muhammad Buhari today reiterated his commitment to cast off corruption in marketing campaign financing within the country pledging that he will now not authorise the use of any cash from the treasury for his re-election campaign.

Speaking on the close of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, President Buhari directed cupboard ministers to take benefit of era to reach out to electorate at the want to return the All Progressives Congress (APC) led administration in subsequent month’s wellknown elections.

“As political parties unfold their ideologies and perspectives to each nook and nook of the u . S ., the difficulty of cash payment to voters and its corrupting impact in electioneering has all over again end up a topical issue. Try and use textual content and multi-media messages to are searching for votes for the celebration and government. ‘There is no money from the treasury to be used inside the campaigns. I will not authorize that,” he stated.

President Buhari declared that the APC-led management has a clear improvement time table fine proper to take Nigeria ahead and preserve financial development.

‘‘This message needs to be taken to all Nigerians but we cannot use money from the treasury to share out to prospective voters. Nigerians need alternate and we by myself can supply that change. Our humans can not be swayed through cash politics,’’ he stated.

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