Travellers praised FG over better highways

Commuters who traveled at some point of the Christmas have recommended the Federal Government over what they stated changed into an improvement on a number of Nigerian highways. Some of the commuters, who spoke with the New Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday, in Abuja, in separate interviews, said the development ensured their protection and […]

5 Unmistakable Signs Of Depression In Men

It wasn’t that long ago that depression was considered to be a “woman’s disease.” Today, of course, we know that depression affects men and women alike and that more than 6 million men in the U.S. have at lease one episode of major depression each year. Even with those statistics, depression in men is talked […]

Is Your Boyfriend An Introvert? Here Are 6 Ways To Cope In Your Relationship

Emotional Intelligence is a basic need for people who are in temporary or permanent relationships with people. Understanding a person’s personality is important in any relationship, and you would have to identify with those personalities when interacting with them. Here are 6 ways to cope with your introverted boyfriend and have a stress-free relationship: 1.Appreciate […]

7 Easy Ways To Be In A Loving Relationship Without Sex

Some people abstain from sexual relations usually before marriage for religious, health or personal reasons. Some people are gradually embracing the idea of abstinence and this is so lovely? That phase may be difficult for those who embrace it as a lifestyle change, but it is not impossible. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and engaging […]

Are You The Breadwinner Of Your Family? These Tips Will Guide You On How To Cope

Being the breadwinner of the home as a woman can be very challenging as it comes with a lot of responsibilities. You might be making more money than your husband so you tend to pay most of the bills. This responsibility might be weighing you down, we got you covered. This post will show you […]