Certified Anatomist, Stephanie Jane claims that Leah Sharibu who was allegedly killed by terrorist Islamic sect, Boko Haram caused her own death.

In a series of tweet, the social media user explains how Leah Sharibu caused her own death.

Leah Sharibu caused her own death – Stephanie Jane explains

She wrote;

Leah Sharibu caused her own death. Had it been she denounced this her “Jesus” like the other girls did, she would have been freed since. If Peter could deny jesus three good times, then who am i not to do so? Peter denied jesus out of fear but later asked for forgiveness.

Peter’s scenario is even worse than Leah’s own. Peter was a man who saw the marvellous miracles jesus performed. Jesus told peter ahead of time that he would deny him. Peter was informed b4 it happened.Peter had time to get prepared yet he denied jesus thrice when he saw death.

Christians always hate the truth. Peter consciously and intentionally denied your Jesus three good times. He later begged for forgiveness. Peter used his brain. Is peter in heaven or hell?

All what i see in the comments are insults and threats. That shows you how gullible and insecure Christians are. They cant even come up with a rational or biblical explanation as to why peter denied jesus.. They cant argue with me constructively.

Please im not in anyway mocking Leah Sharibu. She was just an innocent girl brainwashed by the double-standard christians doctrines. May her soul rest in peace.

I also blame the government for failing to protect her citizen. The government has the greater blame in Leah’s death but leah should have put herself in a better situation to freedom by denying her jesus like the other girls did and they were freed.


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