SERENA Williams has expressed that Passion is the only thing that pushes her to playing tennis at the most astounding level.

For the American, it’s beginning and end. “I totally would not be here in the event if I didn’t love what I do. I buckle up at what I do each day. In this way, better believe it, it’s difficult to accomplish something for this long on the off chance that you don’t have a genuine affection for it. I believe it’s been reliable. I think in the past few years it gets to be a lot more, which is really intense.” Asked an opinion about the age eligibility as Cori Gauff, who has reached the fourth round, can play only a certain amount of events at 15 years of age, Serena added: “I don’t know.

“I can’t really comment on that because I can’t really experience that. I do know when I was younger, I was limited to tournaments. I also was able to go to school and be able to do things that I’ll never get back.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to say about it.” Asked what made her decide to play mixed doubles with Andy Murray, Serena added: “We talked about it a little bit before. It made sense for me because I really could use some matches at this point.

“It made sense for him. We both want to do well. We both love Wimbledon. Yeah, so it was definitely something that we thought we could do. I think Andy is a great player like I said. I think he is mentally one of the toughest players out there.

I don’t even know what goes on in his mind. I know what goes on in mine, my mind. It’s always interesting to hear what other champions think, how you can play that to your game — apply it to your game. It’s only a win-win situation for me.


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