HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! T. B. Joshua Celebrates 56th Birthday, 20 Facts You May Not Know About The Prophet


T. B. is a Nigerian Pastor , (conceived June 12, 1963) Televangelist and Philanthropist. He is the author of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Emmanuel TV slot from Lagos.

We express HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, the man of the Synagogue. On his birthday, see 20 things you might not have thought about Prophet TB Joshua.

#1 Prophet TB Joshua was conceived on June 12, 1963. He is 56 years of age today.

#2 He remained in his mom’s belly for fifteen months and was at long last conveyed at Egbe Medical Center, Kogi State, Nigeria in the wake of being taken starting with one emergency clinic then onto the next when the pregnancy was expected for conveyance.

#3 On the seventh day after birth, during his naming service; a bit of shake flew from a stone impacting site, puncture through the top of the house he was kept and arrived at the careful spot he was lying. Nobody knew how he was moved from that situation before the stone dropped. The mother swooned and went into a trance like state because of the occurrence.

#4 because of how he was marvelously spared from death during his naming function, he was called various names: Temi – tope, – oluwa, – critical, – dayo, and so on yet the mum chose to go with Temitope (signifying “Mine is deserving of much obliged”.)

#5 He was naturally introduced to an exceptionally modest foundation in Arigidi, Ondo State, South West Nigeria.

#6 The name of his dad was G.K. Balogun. He passed away when he was as yet an infant. Subsequently, the family’s obligations lay altogether on the mum.

#7 At a little age, he would be taken to chapel by his mum and instructed how to be engaged with God’s undertaking.

#8 He was the littlest kid in his group, yet dependably driven petitions.

#9 He was broadly called “Little Pastor” in school because of his closeness to God.

#10 His training endured epileptic fits: Had gone to six schools in under one year.

#11 He began his school venture at Ansa-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria.

#12 He was likewise a pioneer understudy at the Muslim College, Ikotun, Lagos.

#13 He began his service with eight individuals in Ikotun Egbe, Lagos under a shade at a similar area where the SCOAN is today.

#14 During recreation, he plays with flying creatures in his greenhouse. Once in a while, he eats with them, and different occasions, the winged creatures would hop on him while he dozes. He is a man of nature. He lectures that you can peruse God’s Word anyplace to instruct others yet to peruse and live by it, you should figure out how to peruse it in nature far from all types of diversions.

#15 During the beginning of his service, he was effectively associated with each structure work of the congregation from burrowing the waste, cleaning seats in the congregation, taking Sunday school classes with little kids, to serving nourishment to the gathering. He is an unassuming and dedicated man.

#16 Most of TB Joshua’s messages during Sunday administration at the SCOAN focuses on structure confidence in God, and the need to adore our neighbors. His preferred statement is, “We are children and little girls of affection. Let love leads.”

#17 He offers predictions to people and countries, recuperates and conveys individuals from wicked impacts utilizing the name of Jesus.

#18 Every Sunday, TB Joshua’s congregation witness guests from everywhere throughout the world including spots, for example, Vietnam, Argentina, Australia, Germany, USA, South Korea, Wales, Trinidad and Tobago, and so forth.

#19 TB Joshua is likewise a Philanthropist with numerous around the globe under grant supported by Him. Ordinarily, he reacts through the EmmanuelTV (a Christian TV station claimed by SCOAN) to crisis circumstances around the globe, e.g., Ecuador’s seismic tremor, the storm in the USA, and so on.

#20 Prophet TB Joshua is hitched to Evelyn Joshua. Favor with three little girls (Serah, Promise and Heart)

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