Fuji performer, Sulaimon Alao prevalently called Ks1-Malaika has built a gathering between quarreling artists, Pasuma and Saheed Osupa.

The gathering happened this previous end of the week at Malaika Alayeluwa fans club Ramadan address and petition that occurred at Batola Car Park, Marina, Lagos Island.

Sheik Muyideen Ajani Bello who was the visitor speaker at the 13thedition of the yearly occasion focused on that Pasuma and Osupa fans had caused loads of harms in the hearts of the two fuji artistes which made them not to be in great terms.

“This is extremely pitiful as muslims. We have been trusting that this open door will come. Pasuma and Osupa need to settle their long time battle. This is month of Ramadan. We need to excuse ourselves. That is the thing that Quran lectures. We need to guzzle the logic of pardoning at this occasion if really we are great muslims.

We beseech Pasuma, Osupa to excuse one another. Just Allah excuses human. I value Malaika’s exertion who strived hard so as to convey these men to this capacity together. Harmony is the thing that Islam lectures. The religion lectures harmony, love and care for each other” The pastor said.

Malaika who is additionally called Qibla fuji music valued every one of the visitors who went from different states in Nigeria to go to the yearly occasion

“I thank our visitors who made a trip from different states to go to Alayeluwa fans club Ramadan address and supplication. I encourage everybody to join more as the visitor speaker had said amid their address. This is the main way we can pick up the kingdom of Allah”, he said.

The occasion saw bunches of Islamic and fuji artistes with numerous dignitaries from the group of friends.


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