Area 1 Roundabout in FCT flooded after a heavy downpour of rain
Area 1 roundabout flooded

The Area 1 roundabout in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) was on Thursday overflowed after a heavy downpour of rain which started in the early hours of the day.

The downpour which began at about 6:00 AM in the downtown area gone on for a few hours. As at the season of this report, the precipitation presently couldn’t seem to stop.

Our correspondent who was on ground at the roundabout, reports that motorists were forced to use only two out of the four-laned roundabout.

“In fact, only motorists who rode on high cars, jeeps and some daring taxi drivers were bold enough to ride on the second lane where the water level was higher.”

Meanwhile, the flood led to traffic buildup which was slowly leading to a gridlock as the flood seemed to be increasing due to the unabating rainfall.

A motorist who was heard conversing with his passengers attributed the flood to blockage of the drainage channel.


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