2023: Tinubu And Igbo Will by no means Be Nigeria President – Miyetti Allah broadcasts



Countrywide President, Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Abdullahi Bodejo, has declared that a former Governor of Lagos country, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will by no means be successful President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023.

Bodejo also said why it’d be hard for Igbo to become President in Nigeria.

He stated he does not agree with in the rotation of strength among the North and South because of the way northerners had been being treated in a few elements of the usa.

“Do that in case you visit a few components of the South, in the event that they see an Hausa guy, they might say he’s a Boko Haram member or derogatorily, they will say ‘Onye Hausa?,” he requested in an interview with sun.

“That type of hatred has been there among a few Southerners. It’ll be difficult for the Igbo to rule this us of a because they have got something in their mind that isn’t always precise.

“The usa is extra than a tribe coming to hate a few ethnic location, faith and so on. They ought to realize that Nigeria is one.”

Requested if he is aware of that with out Tinubu, Buhari might now not have made it in 2015, he added, “i have instructed you that 2015 is now history. Even me speaking to you currently, do you realize the role I played in 2015?

“people played all way of politics in 2015 and Tinubu become now not the only person.

“What I understand is that Tinubu can not be the president of Nigeria. This is the truth. He may be very antique and perhaps older than President Buhari.

“some people see Tinubu like one large masquerade but he is not. Some assume that he is the Yoruba chief however he isn’t.

“He is likewise like Obasanjo; some human beings see the former president as a small god however he isn’t. In my last interview earlier than the election, I stated it that Obasanjo has simplest one vote like another person.

“What happened? Did it no longer flip out like that? Anybody’s eyes are already open now.

“If Tinubu is identified with the aid of the Yoruba humans as their leader, why did Buhari score 50 per cent there?

“Why did he no longer ask them to present him like even 60 according to cent at the least? Tinubu has failed and that is the fact.

“Or are you telling me that Tinubu did anti-birthday celebration sports by way of telling the South West to proportion the votes 50/50 to APC and PDP?”

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